Tianyi Machinery's Female Employee's Journey to Xiangyang on March 8th

TIME: 2024-03-14 VIEWS:181

March 8th of this year is the 114th International Women's Day.
In order to express the care for female employees and enrich their leisure life, all female employees of Hubei Tianyi Machinery went to Xiangyang for a two-day tour on March 8th. Under the guidance of tour guide Xiao Huang, led by our company's executive vice president Li Xuesheng, a group of more than 30 people traveled safely, had a civilized trip, and spent the holiday together.

On March 8th, everyone came to the company early to gather, and after counting the number of people and reiterating the precautions, the bus started. After about three hours of driving, they arrive at the first destination - Xiangyang Overseas Chinese Town Fantasy Valley. In the exquisite park, there are creative interstellar adventures, thrilling roller coasters, childhood carousels, and novel and interesting snowy mountain rides. Everyone queued up in groups of three or five, enjoying themselves one by one, challenging themselves and relaxing both physically and mentally.

On the second day, the local specialty breakfast of beef noodles was highly praised by everyone. After breakfast, everyone continued to take the bus to the second amusement park - Xiangyang Ancient City Wall. Under the towering and magnificent ancient city walls, stepping on the clean and rustic stone streets, at this moment, everyone seems to be bathing in the same warm spring sun as the ancients.
Subsequently, everyone arrived at the third amusement park - Gulongzhong. Listening to the detailed explanation of the tour guide, watching the live performances of the actors, observing the lush forests and bamboo groves, and savoring the "Three Visits to the Thatched Cottage", everyone truly experienced the culture of the Three Kingdoms and felt the beauty of history.

After having lunch in the scenic area, everyone began their journey back with beautiful memories, reluctant to part ways.

During this trip, everyone followed public order, took care of every grass and object in the scenic area, helped each other, sang and laughed happily, and never forgot to showcase the good qualities of Tianyi Machinery.

This trip deepened understanding among female employees, enhanced friendship, and gained full positive energy. Everyone will be better engaged in work and use their own strength to support half of the sky for Tianyi Machinery.