[Production Is Busy In New Year ] Tianyi Machinery Export Project to Argentina Successfully Shipped

TIME: 2024-03-22 VIEWS:165

The new year brings a new atmosphere and good momentum. After the Spring Festival, Hubei Tianyi Machinery Co., Ltd. has been experiencing continuous orders and busy production. Entering the Tianyi Machinery production workshop, the machines roared and bustled with busyness. From raw materials to product production and molding, each production line was in an orderly manner; The workers are enthusiastic, promoting efficiency, ensuring quality, and striving for a good start.

With the joint efforts of Tianyi employees, the export project to Argentina was finally completed on time and shipped smoothly, laying a solid foundation for the new year's shipping goals.

Tianyi Machinery's core business covers the research and development, design, manufacturing, sales, and service of mechanical equipment such as buried scraper conveyors, screw conveyors, bucket elevators, belt conveyors, and related accessories. Each technology and product launch is based on a profound understanding of market demand and an unremitting pursuit of innovation.

In recent years, Tianyi Machinery has made efforts to expand its e-commerce platform, and some products have been exported to multiple countries and regions such as Russia, Indonesia, Mongolia, India, Vietnam, Congo, Ethiopia, and Argentina.

In the new year, facing the global market full of opportunities and challenges, Tianyi Machinery is full of confidence. As a high-tech enterprise founded in Yichang and facing the world, we are committed to providing cutting-edge, efficient, and reliable bulk material transportation solutions for industries such as non-ferrous metallurgy, power, environmental protection, and new material processing.