The farewell party for retired employees is full of heartwarming emotions

TIME: 2023-10-25 VIEWS:340

Heaven pities the secluded grass, and the earth is once again clear in the evening! The Double Ninth Festival on the 9th day of the ninth lunar month is a traditional Chinese festival for respecting the elderly. Hubei Tianyi Machinery Co., Ltd. held an honorary retirement ceremony with the theme of "unforgettable years, grateful for having you", expressing the company's concern and gratitude to two retired comrades.

Firstly, Comrade Li Jiayan will introduce the work resume and achievements and honors of retired comrades. Subsequently, two retired comrades delivered retirement speeches.

Next, all comrades present here would like to send good wishes to retired comrades.

Comrade Huang Junjie Sends Flowers and Gifts to Retired Comrades

Finally, Comrade Huang Junjie, the chairman of the company, expressed gratitude to the two retired comrades on behalf of the company at the collective honor retirement ceremony. One is to sincerely thank them for their hard work and outstanding contributions in their work over the years, and the other is to sincerely wish them a colorful, happy and healthy retirement life in the future.

Take a group photo as a souvenir

A bouquet of flowers and a ceremony are lifelong dedication and gratitude, and are vivid teaching materials that inspire future generations. Two retired comrades expressed that they deeply appreciate the company's importance and care for retired employees by participating in this emotional and warm honor retirement ceremony. They also expressed that they will continue to use their remaining heat to provide suggestions and suggestions for the company's development in the future.