City Federation of trade union leaders visited and investigated the day Yi machi

TIME: 2019-02-14 VIEWS:249

On February 14TH, Mr. Zhu DeBIN, PARTY SECRETARY AND EXECUTIVE VICE CHAIRMAN OF Yicheng Federation of TRADE UNIONS, LED Mr. Huang DESong, Mr. Gao Song, and Mr. Cao Weiyi, CHAIRMAN of Yaojiadian Town Trade UNION, to visit our company for POST-holiday investigation.

Mr. Zhu listened to Mr. Li Jiayan, chairman of the labor union, report on the development of the labor union and the work plan of the labor union in 2019. He visited the honor room, model worker studio and prototype room of the company, and visited the orderly and dry grass-roots employees in the workshop. Zhu Debin pointed out that the enterprise trade union organization should give full play to the bridge and link role of the enterprise and the staff, around the center, service the overall situation, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of the vast number of staff; We should better safeguard the interests of service workers, pay attention to and care for difficult workers, safeguard the rights and status of workers, and build harmonious labor relations; We should focus more on improving the quality of our staff and workers, and strive to build a team of industrial workers with ideals, faith, technology, innovation, responsibility and dedication, so as to contribute to the development and growth of the enterprise.

Written by: Trade Union Committee

February 20, 2019