"Hand in hand with volunteer association, care for War veterans" of Tianyi Machi

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On the afternoon of March 5, 2019 "Spring Harmony" Fashion Festival of new era civilization practice was held in Hongchun Folk Culture Village. The spring breeze of new era civilization practice was blown into the hearts of the masses by honoring advanced collectives and individuals and performing arts.

Hubei Tianyi Machinery Co., Ltd. joined hands with Yicheng Volunteer Association for the volunteer service project of "Caring for veterans of the Anti-Japanese War" and reached a project cooperation agreement to voluntarily sponsor 10,000 yuan at the release conference of "Volunteer Service Project Strategic Partnership Plan" in Yicheng City in 2019.

There are 5 enterprises and 5 volunteer team service project reached strategic cooperation, to provide funding. This is the first time that Yidu has adopted a similar auction method, in which enterprises voluntarily "raise cards" for their approved voluntary services. The support of enterprises will inject new strength into voluntary services and actively exert and spread the positive energy of society.

Yidu Volunteer Association is a pure public welfare organization that provides free help mainly to vulnerable groups such as the elderly, orphans, left-behind children, war veterans, martyrs' families, and the disabled. At present, the project team of Caring for Veterans of the Anti-Japanese War has been formally established. Its main work is to apply for treatment for veterans, record video materials, sort out historical and written materials of joining the army, etc. It has also carried out a series of activities of "caring for veterans" to provide material and spiritual sympathy to them within its capacity. The volunteer service of the volunteer association is highly compatible with the corporate culture of Tianyi Machinery. The company is willing to make a contribution and hopes that more people will participate in the volunteer service work!

Council of Trade unions

    March 6, 2019