Gansu Yumen City Federation of Trade unions to our company survey

TIME: 2019-03-25 VIEWS:360

On March 19, Yang ShaoKANG, MEMBER OF THE PARTY GROUP AND VICE CHAIRMAN OF THE FEDERATION OF TRADE UNIONS OF YumEN CITY, GANSU PROVINCE, accompanied BY ZHU Debin, SECRETARY OF THE Party GROUP AND EXECUTIVE VICE chairman of the Federation of TRADE Unions OF YumEN City, and Huang Desong, vice chairman, came to visit and investigate our company.

Chairman Yang and Chairman Zhu visited the company's honor room, Huang Junjie model worker's studio, multi-functional conference room, staff library, etc., to learn about the development of the enterprise and the construction of the trade union organization, and made a high evaluation of the work of the trade union of our company. Yang Shaokang said that this visit to Yichang area, a worthwhile trip, eye-opening, whether it is the cultural industry or other work to the party and government leaders and the majority of workers recognition and support, especially in private enterprises, the work of the trade union has been taken seriously, but also carried out.

Zhu said the trade unions of the two places should learn from each other, have in-depth exchanges, learn from each other's strengths and make progress together, and strive to promote the overall level of work of the trade unions of the two places. The enterprise trade union should play the role of bridge link, participate in the economic construction of the company, serve the masses of workers, and make contributions to the development of the enterprise.

Council of Trade unions

March 20, 2019