"Village and enterprise co-construction hand in hand" joint branch theme Party d

TIME: 2019-06-01 VIEWS:341

In order to review the revolutionary history, remember the revolutionary martyrs, carry on the revolutionary tradition, inherit the red spirit, and educate and guide all Party members to take concrete actions to practice the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party. On May 31, 2019, the Party branch of Huangliantou Village and the Party branch of Tianyi Machinery jointly held a branch themed Party Day activity with the theme of "Joint construction of Village and Enterprise Party organizations, Strengthening Party spirit, Advancing Party spirit and Increasing achievements".

First, all Party members came to the Qinglin Temple, known as the national Riddle Village, which is the birthplace of China's first collection of riddles and songs about a village. In recent years, due to the guidance of the Party construction, the culture of mining riddles and carry forward, so that here has become the focus of the national folk literature, folklore, linguistics, local Chronicles and other experts and scholars from all walks of life. Qinglin Temple village committee explainer for all party members about Gaobazhou town, Qinglin Temple village customs and development planning. Qinglin TEMPLE VILLAGE is committed to the development of new rural construction, high standards, high starting point, villagers happiness index will improve, all Party members deeply inspired and encouraged.

Later, a group of people arrived at the second stop - Hu enemy martyrs Memorial Hall. He was the first Party branch secretary in Yicheng City and the first Party member in Yichang City. He actively engaged in patriotic movement, seeking revolutionary truth and spreading advanced ideas, is the pride of Yidu people. In the square of the memorial Hall of Hu Enemy Martyrs, all the Party members reviewed their vows of membership. Facing the bright red Party flag, they solemnly read the oath of membership, so that each Party member once again received party spirit education and baptism, more firm ideals and beliefs, remember the purpose of party membership, clear obligations of party members, some veteran party members burst into tears.

Carrying out such experiential and down-to-earth theme Party Day activities, so that the party flag flying in the line, not only let the organization life "live" and party members "move", but also further enhance the party members' sense of belonging, sense of mission, sense of responsibility, and improve the cohesion and appeal of Party branches.

Written by: Trade Union Committee

June 1, 2019