Learn the spirit of the meeting, promote the work of the trade union, and promote the development of the enterprise

TIME: 2023-06-19 VIEWS:393

On June 19, Li Jiayan, member representative of the sixth Congress of Yichang Trade Union and chairman of Tianyi Machinery Union, conveyed the spirit of the sixth congress of Yichang Trade Union and shared his feelings at the working meeting.

Comrade Li Jiayan talks about his feelings: As a grassroots trade union cadre, I will do my job down to earth and wholeheartedly serve the employees and the enterprise. Combined with the actual situation of the company, I will extend and expand the new work model, from the "four seasons care" action of the trade union, skills training, rights protection assistance, collective wage negotiation and other work, to expanding and promoting the good deeds such as mutual medical assistance of employees and the inclusive service of the trade union. Wholeheartedly serve the broad masses of workers and strive to be a qualified "mother's family".

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Li Jiayan