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TIME: 2023-03-29 VIEWS:439

Today (March 29)

Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Conference

Meet in the city

Released at the meeting

On the praise of the city's scientific and technological innovation work outstanding contribution

Collective and Individual Notification

30 individuals from 40 groups were commended

Highlight the list of contributing groups and individuals

First, scientific and technological innovation outstanding contribution collective

(I) Scientific and technological Innovation Enterprises (15)

• Yichang Lijia Technology Co., LTD

• Hubei Tianyi Machinery Co., LTD

• Yichang Yongxin Precision Technology Co., LTD

• Hubei Gbijia Optoelectronic Technology Co., LTD

• Hubei Chongtai Grinding Tools Co., LTD

• Yichang Hengyou Chemical Co., LTD

• Hubei Kaler New Material Technology Co., LTD

• Hubei Kangnong Seed Industry Co., LTD

• Wufeng Chicheng Biotechnology Co., LTD

• Hubei Depth of Field Safety Technology Co., LTD

• Dongtu Technology (Yichang) Co., LTD

• Hubei Huaxin Optoelectronics Co., LTD

• Hubei Zhongnan Pengli Ocean Exploration System Engineering Co., LTD

• Hubei Tongyi Konjac Biotechnology Co., LTD

• Hubei Dongtian Micro Technology Co., LTD

(2) Innovation and Entrepreneurship Platforms (10)

• Hubei Key Laboratory of Smart Yangtze River and Hydropower Science

• Ischemic Cardiovascular Disease Clinical Medical Research Center of Hubei Province

• National and local Joint Engineering Research Center for New organosilicon Materials

• Huaqiang Technology National Enterprise Technology Center

· Hubei Province high Performance micro Nano Grating new material Enterprise School Joint Innovation Center

• Yichang biomedical Incubator

• Sensor object Incubator in Yichang City

• Kux Coffee Maker Space

• Drunken Three Gorges Mass Innovation Space

• Hubei wins stars and creates heaven and earth

(III) Innovation Team (10 companies)

• The team of Li Shaoping on key microelectronics chemicals in the Three Gorges Laboratory

• ALS research team of Yichang Three Gorges Central People's Hospital

• Deng Anhua team of Sanjiang Aerospace dual-use solid rocket engine new-generation large drug mixing system

• Hubei Yihua polyol chemical technology Research and development Pei Feng team

• Taihe Petrochemical cryogenic valve engineering technology Zhang Wenzhong team

• Song Kun Team of Geological Disaster monitoring and warning of China Three Gorges University

• Guyonghong green chemical intelligent manufacturing team of Three Gorges Professional Institute

• Zhang Hong Team of phosphogypsum building materials Utilization in Yichang Building Energy Conservation Promotion Center

• Hu Guangcan Team of Agricultural Science and Technology R&D, Yichang Academy of Agricultural Sciences

• Research and application of new material phosphogypsum slag lightweight aggregate in Changyao, Hubei, Wu Chiqiu Team

(4) Science and Technology management Units (5)

• Yichang Tax Bureau, State Administration of Taxation

• Science and Technology Bureau of Zhijiang

• Bureau of Science, Technology, Economy and Information Technology, Zhanting District

• Science, Technology, Economy and Information Technology Bureau of Yuan 'an County

• Science and Technology Innovation Bureau of Yichang High-tech Zone

2. Individual outstanding contribution to scientific and technological innovation

(1) Innovative Entrepreneurs (10 persons)

• Deputy General Manager and Secretary of General Party Branch of Anpu (Hubei) Instrument Co., LTD., Lanjiang Shipbuilding Industry Co., LTD

• Li Ku Deputy General Manager of Protein Nutrition and Seasoning Technology Center of Angel Yeast Co., LTD

• Zheng Qinghuan, Chairman of Hubei Yuanlan Machinery Co., LTD

• Lv Jilei, General Manager of Hubei Carbon Six Technology Co., LTD

• Huang Wei, President of Yichang Jiji Construction Co., LTD

• Li Zhonghua, General Manager of Yichang Limin Management Technology Co., LTD

• Liu Bo, Chairman of Hubei Chudao Drilling Engineering Co., LTD

• Deng Yaguang, Chairman of Yichang Meiguang Silicon Valley Life Technology Co., LTD & Three Gorges Medical Laboratory (Hubei) Co., LTD

• Guo Rui Deputy Party Secretary and General Manager of Hubei Yihua Chemical Co., LTD

• Wang Chang, Vice President of Jingxingqin (Yichang) Electronics Co., LTD

(2) R&D personnel (10 people)

• Luo Zhihui Associate Professor, College of Science, Three Gorges University

• Li Hongmei, Technical Department Manager and Technical Center Director of Yichang Monkey King Welding Wire Co., LTD

• Hu Huanhei Cyclone Saw Co., LTD., Yichang Deputy general manager of manufacturing Department, manager of Quality and Technology Department

• Liang Liang, member of the Party Committee of Yichang Three Gorges Central People's Hospital, President of Three Gorges Dam Branch

• Liu Xin, Deputy Director of Engineering Technology Center for Safe and Efficient Mining and Separation of phosphate Ores, Hubei Xingfa Chemical Group Co., LTD

• Li Feng, Director of Research Institute, Yichang Dongguang Biochemical Pharmaceutical Co., LTD

• Jiao Haitao, Deputy General Manager and Director of Technology Center of Hubei Senyuan Ecological Technology Co., LTD

• He Xiang, Director of R&D Center of Zigui County Qugu Food Co., LTD

• Pu Hengyuan, Technical Supervisor of China Chemical Engineering 16th Construction Co., LTD

• Deng Bing, Deputy General Manager and Electrical Engineer of Hubei Dongming Electric Co., LTD

(3) Grassroots scientific and technological workers (10)

• Director of Forestry Research Institute of Sangziyang Wufeng Tujia Autonomous County

• Zhu Hong, head of the pilot Station of Yichang Academy of Agricultural Sciences

• Wu Fanghua, Director of Agricultural Service Center of Lianghe Town, Dangyang City

• Mou Jian, Vice Minister of Yichang Science and Technology Association and Society Department

• Hu Kaixin, Secretary and Director of Party Branch of Guizhou Town Public Service Center of Zigui County

• Xiong Qi, Assistant Associate Professor, Dean, College of Electrical and New Energy, China Three Gorges University

• Liao Qiushi Assistant Director of Hubei Sanning Chemical Co., LTD

• Wang Qinghai, Chief physician of the Second People's Hospital of Yichang

• Xiang Jun Deputy Director of Yichang Construction Market and Construction Engineering Quality and Safety Supervision Station

• Yan Xue, legal person of Yichang Kongming Technology Information Co., LTD