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TIME: 2022-11-25 VIEWS:383

- The company carries out vocational skills competition for welders

In response to the call of Yidu Federation of Trade Unions to actively carry out labor and skill competition for employees, to improve the skill level and quality awareness of welders throughout the company, to promote communication and learning among operators, and to create a highly skilled staff team with "hard quality, hard technology and strong ability", the company organized and launched the 2022 annual welder skill competition on the afternoon of November 25th.

The labor union and production department of the company carefully planned and formulated a detailed competition implementation plan. Before the competition, participants, timekeepers and judges were gathered together for a meeting to explain the competition rules in detail, so as to ensure a fair and fair competition.

There are 15 welders participating in the welding competition at the same time. The competition lasts about 1 hour. The competition was held in a tense and rigorous atmosphere. The players were meticulous, played with high skills and demonstrated high standards. In the course of the competition, the players will usually work experience techniques to play incisively and vividly, let the scene to observe the workers' eyes.

After the competition, the judges will immediately evaluate the players on the spot. The comments and scoring are very precise and meticulous. There are no cracks, slag inclusion, non-fusion, smoothness, porosity, welding tumor and other defects... Every detail has been carefully examined and evaluated. The welder competition awarded 1 first prize, 2 second prizes, 3 third prizes.

This competition set up a platform for workers to exchange technology and learn skills, so that the welder skills to improve, in the welding technology for excellence, they have the courage to try, find the gap, complement the weaknesses, the skills competition as a booster to improve their own quality. Through the competition, a good atmosphere of respecting talents and advocating skills has been created. Really improve the labor skills of the staff, training the staff.