Tianyi Machinery "Safety by my side" speech contest successfully concluded

TIME: 2018-04-08 VIEWS:311

For further implementation of enterprise production safety responsibility, overall improve the safety of staff quality and safety awareness, day appropriate mechanical positive response to the city, the town of Ann do call for "production safety awareness month" activities at all levels, the company the safety board preparation, a "safe by my side" as the theme of security speech competition on March 31, out on the fourth floor conference room in the afternoon.

The event the company invited the city safety bureau ni section chief, yao stores town safe song, chairman of Chen from ji and other leaders, first secretary of the company party branch as a special guest to attend the game and as a jury of eight contestants from different departments with simple vivid language, real touching stories, explained the existence and development of security relationship, the importance of safety responsibility is more important than mount tai, Gave the staff a lively safety lesson.

After more than an hour of intense competition, the judges contestants for the speech content, language expression and image style, the four sorts of comprehensive performance scores, eventually named respectively, the second prize by the king of the technology of flying and purchasing Li Jiayan, third prize winner for Yuan Shihua chun-yan zhao of the sales department and qc department. A special guest of the company presented certificates of honor and prizes to the winners.

Finally, the general manager Li student made a wonderful comment and summary on the safety speech activity. The speech contest with "safety on my side" the theme, publicity of relevant laws and regulations on work safety and safe sense, summed up the painful lessons of the accident in safety case to alert others around, through the frontline staff about things, strengthen the concept of safety development, improve the safety quality, fully embodies the company attaches great importance to safety work. At the same time, the company called on everyone to improve safety awareness, start from the small things around, always pay attention to safety, cherish life!

Written by: General Affairs Department

April 03, 2018