Caring for life, donating blood for free

TIME: 2020-04-23 VIEWS:257

In response to the voluntary blood donation activities organized by the Yaojiadian Town Government, our company actively promoted and organized employees to participate in the voluntary blood donation activities. This event has received positive response and support from many employees. Everyone is enthusiastic, enthusiastically signed up, and offered their love. Especially now during the epidemic, blood banks in major hospitals are in an emergency, which requires more people to participate in voluntary blood donation.

Early in the morning of April 22, the employees of the company who participated in blood donation came to the blood donation site - Yaojiadian Town Government Plaza. The employees who participated in the blood donation this time included Liu Yuanting, Wu Fangwei, Zhou Linlin, Li Xinxing, Chen Liangwu, Chen Pengfei, Deng Yaping, Wang Mingfei and Li Jiayan. They earnestly fill in the registration form, measure blood pressure, draw blood for tests, and check employees who meet the blood donation standards to donate blood on the blood collection truck.

As a lofty social welfare undertaking to convey love and save lives, voluntary blood donation reflects the noble spirit of selfless dedication. Our company will continue to carry out this activity every year, advocating healthy life, fulfilling the social responsibilities of enterprises and citizens, and contributing to the medical cause.