The 2nd Fun Games of Hubei Tianyi Machinery Co., Ltd.

TIME: 2021-11-27 VIEWS:304

In order to further enrich the company's employees' amateur cultural life, show the company's employees' spiritual outlook, and create a healthy, upward, united and harmonious atmosphere, on the morning of November 27, 2021, Hubei Tianyi Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully held Tianyi Machinery's first meeting under the organization of the trade union. 2nd Fun Games.

There are 9 participating teams and more than 100 employees participated in this Games, which is huge. In the team name session, everyone started brainstorming, and the team names were dynamic and funny. There were Dream Team, Wolf Warriors, Beyond Teams, etc., and everyone gathered in the venue area with loud slogans.

There are three events in the fun games, namely "tug-of-war", "table tennis with chopsticks" and "cyclone wheel", which test not only the individual's reaction ability, but also the team's cooperation and coordination ability. The atmosphere at the scene was tense and joyful, and the team members tried their best to strive for the first place.

In the tug-of-war competition, when the whistle sounded, the team members shouted "one, two, one or two" together, clenched the long rope with both hands, and pulled back with all their strength. The tug-of-war competition was particularly intense. All the participating team members tried their best. The surrounding trumpets, shouts, ups and downs, deafening, drifted over the entire sports field...

come on! you are the fattest.......

It's a game of power, with tension in the air, and the game is about to start. The team members were no less inferior, and they did their best to hold all their strength and belief on this hemp rope.

Passing on joy, success is on the other side.

The participants were all cautious, lest the ball would land. This is a test of time, a test of perseverance, and a manifestation of mutual trust among teammates.

Not for being surrounded by flowers, not for momentary glory, but for persistent belief, which turns into running non-stop.

Chairman Huang Zong personally led the team to participate in the "Whirlwind Carousel", and several warriors descended the mountain like tigers and dragons entered the sea. Before crossing the finish line, the competition props such as thick wrists were split into two, and the referee had to decide to re-race the game. In the end, the surpassing team led by President Huang won the second place.

In the fun games, the focus is on participation, and cheers, shouts and laughter are heard in the game. friendship first, competition later.

This fun sports meeting enriched the cultural and sports life of employees, and also made employees deeply feel the company's care for employees, created a harmonious and warm corporate atmosphere, made employees experience the joy of sports and competition, enhanced team awareness, and let employees Recognizing that whether it is on the field or at work, only by unity and cooperation can we play the most beautiful movement, enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the company, and help the branch to create greater glories in the new year!