Into the red Jiangjiawan, in memory of the martyr He Bingyan

TIME: 2022-07-12 VIEWS:281

On the morning of June 29, 2022, Huang Junjie, secretary of the party branch of Hubei Tianyi Machinery Co., Ltd., and Peng Chuande, the first secretary, led 13 party members to Jiangjiawan Village to carry out "learning the spirit of the party congress, remembering revolutionary martyrs, and striving to be the vanguard of the times" Themed party day activities, visit the old house of General He Bingyan, listen to Zhou Baoping, the first secretary of Jiangjiawan Village in the village, explain the heroic deeds of the founding general and "one-armed general" He Bingyan, review the oath of joining the party, and recall the great achievements of General He Bingyan , comprehend the "hard-bone spirit" of General He Bingyan, and accept the baptism of the soul.

Afterwards, a branch party member meeting was held in the conference room of Jiangjiawan Village. The secretary preached the spirit of the fort building project, gathered the strong force of the whole people to build the fort, discussed the transformation of the party members through the reserve, and the first secretary taught the party class to learn the "Heroic Protection Law".