first aid training

TIME: 2022-06-02 VIEWS:499

In order to enrich the company's safety education content, carry forward the Red Cross spirit of "humanity, fraternity, and dedication", drive all employees to learn emergency first aid knowledge, and improve their self-rescue and mutual rescue capabilities, on May 30, 2022, the Yaojiadian Town Government invited Yidu Red Cross Cross Society doctors carry out on-site emergency first aid knowledge training in our company.

During the training, Dr. Huang of the Red Cross emphasized the importance of learning CPR for everyone, and vividly described how to judge the rescuer is a patient who needs CPR, including the judgment of consciousness, breathing, and heartbeat, and then described CPR. , is divided into two parts: chest compressions, artificial respiration, and specifically explains the problems that need attention in the rescue process and common mistakes, and finally teaches you the indications for judging the effectiveness of cardiac resuscitation.

For the on-site practical exercises, the doctor prepared a manikin to simulate the rubber manikin, and demonstrated the correct way of cardiopulmonary compression and artificial respiration on the spot. Under the guidance of the doctor, everyone practiced artificial respiration, chest compression and other techniques on the simulated human body in turn. The employees present actively participated, and the doctor also corrected some wrong practices of the employees on the spot, and answered various questions of the participants, so that the participants in the training systematically mastered the knowledge of on-site emergency rescue of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and the correct handling methods. Dealing with emergency patients to win the "golden" rescue time has laid a good first aid foundation and further improved the students' emergency rescue capabilities.

Then the doctor also taught the Heimlich maneuver to exclude foreign body infarction. The doctor patiently explained and demonstrated the operation of foreign body obstruction in adults and children. The employees practiced with each other in pairs. Everyone wanted to use this precious opportunity to improve their practical operation ability. The learning atmosphere on site was positive and enthusiastic.

Through this first aid knowledge training, everyone has mastered both theoretical knowledge and personal experience, and achieved good expected results, which will play a good guiding role for employees in emergency handling of emergencies.