Chain Bucket Conveyor
Chain bucket conveyor-we are a high-tech enterprises, which specialize in designing & producing &installing conveying equipment, crush equipment and screening equipment.
Chain bucket conveyor can be used for conveying dust, small particle and small block materials in chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, machinery, light industry, electric power, transportation, grain,etc.
Product details
Chain bucket conveyor is not only essential for production processes but also plays a crucial role in increasing customer satisfaction. By improving the speed and accuracy of material transfer, this equipment allows businesses to meet the demands of increasingly fast-paced markets. With the ability to handle a variety of materials and products, conveying equipment enables businesses to offer a wide range of products to a diverse customer base, thus increasing competitiveness and customer loyalty.

Installation and debugging: engineering equipment to the user field, enter the installation phase, my company timely send professional after-sales service and technical personnel arrived at the installation site index installation, debugging, until the normal operation of products, machinery, electric control part to achieve the best state. Found in the process of equipment installation, debugging, quality problems, such as belong to our reason, we will bear the responsibility, to compensate the direct economic losses of the buyer.

Product Namechain bucket conveyor
Brand Name
Place of Origin
ApplicationMetallurgy,Coal transportation...etc
After-sale Service
Online technical support
CE,ISO 9001,ISO45001...etc
Lead time (days)
20-30(To be negotiated)
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TIANYI MACHINERY is engaged in the development and manufacturing of conveying equipment, crushing equipment and screening equipment. Our competitive advantage lies in having a professional team of engineers, high-level services, and high-quality production machinery.

We use advanced technology to continuously improve the quality of our Gate valve,Chain Bucket Conveyors,Chain conveyor,Bucket elevator,Air lock valve,En-masse conveyor,Screw conveyor,Rotary valve,Industrial Dust Collector, and various technical equipment. Our machines have a wide variety of types and are widely used in the Coal transportation,High temperature slag transportation of waste heat boiler,Thermal power industry,Raw material transportation,etc. In addition, our company is able to implement individual projects based on customer needs and requirements.


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